What it’s like, deep in side Smuggler’s Cave located near Skerries, County Dublin

Local photographer and filmmaker Mark Broderick recently donned his GoPro camera and struggled along the passageway for a good five minutes in all, capturing some interesting and rarely seen details of the cave in the process.

We must add here that Mark is an experienced outdoorsman and by no means should anyone attempt what he did either alone, without experience or without the correct safety equipment.
“You have to go on your hands and knees for much of the way,” reveals Mark, “and you’re actually on your belly at the start and then again at the very end.”

As Mark makes his way along the surprisingly deep passageway, his camera and light picks up the odd man-made indention or ledge, which may once have housed candles or small oil lamps for light.

Visit to Smugglers Cave not far from Skerries, Co. Dublin, which is reputed to have been used by smugglers to store their goods during the late 18th century. The smuggling trade became very lucrative in the Rush/Loughshinny area after the British Government imposed excise duties on a large number of goods. In 1765 the use of the Isle of Man as a centre for warehousing ceased as the British took possession of the island and so about fifty large vessels in the area of Rush became involved in the smuggling trade. One large cutter the “Friendship” was captained by Luke Ryan who was born on the Kenure Estate. Captain Ryan and Edmund Wilde of Loughshinny were later commissioned by the British as privateers to to harass and capture French merchant shipping. Luke Ryan turned to piracy and his ship was seized by Revenue Officers when he returned to Rush. The ship was towed to Poolbeg but Ryan managed to recapture the ship with the aid of his Rush companions.

The Cliff path to the smugglers cave has disappeared due to coastal erosion but it is still possible to go by the seashore at low tide with a local guide such as Mark Broderick (markbroderick.ie)

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