The marvel that is the Kelly Kettle

The Kelly family in Ireland pioneered the development of the Kelly Kettle camping kettle. The unique Kelly Kettle has made boiling water in the outdoors quick and easy – even in extreme weather conditions. Any natural fuel can be used to burn and create the fire which will quickly bring the water in the kettle to a rolling boil. Since only natural fuel is used you don’t have to worry about carrying gas or batteries or other types of fuel with you.

Safe and easy to use, the Kelly Kettle will be one of your most used and valued pieces of camping gear. Now with the addition of the new HOBO STOVE, the Kelly Kettle is a great little camp stove, too. This bit of equipment comes everywhere with us, I also carry Hexamine Solid Fuel tabs just in case the wood is wet, these will dry it out or can be used alone to heat water or your pot. No bits to fail on you, its a classic, recommended.

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